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Raising The Stakes – Jade Baker and Vina Sky

Romantic Dec 18

After having to listen to her ex-girlfriend hook up with Gianna Dior through the wall, Jade wants to get even. She decides to call housekeeping and asks them to send Vina up to clean her room, but Jade has other ideas.

When Vina arrives she asks what she can do for Jade like changing the bed sheets or anything. The new single, slutty Jade responds that she’d like Vina to change the sheets… but after she leaves. Jade goes on to say that Vina said she could help with anything she needed and starts to untie her top. Vina is definitely down to play as she helps Jade take off her top and they start making out.

Jade makes sure to be extra loud as she hooks up with Vina to ensure that Avi hears everything through the wall. Just as planned, Avi can hear it all, she gets jealous and wants to go for round 2 with Gianna to drown out the noise. Gianna’s not really into it though, Avi’s on top of her riding her and making tons of noise but she knows it’s fake. “What the hell was that ghastly performance” Gianna responds as Avi gets off of her then goes on to say, “Nobody fakes an orgasm with Gianna Dior”.

Gianna goes on a tirade asking “Do you even know how lucky you are to be with me right now? You’re not over your ex I can tell”. As Avi tries to calm her down she lies and tells Gianna that she’s not jealous of her ex, she’s just jealous that Jade got to fuck the maid. Gianna thinks that’s great, she was going to fuck the maid behind her back anyways so this works out even better, then she goes on to say that she was going to bring up being in an open relationship and Avi’s shocked but goes with it.


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